Health and Safety Consultants – Why Choose LRB?

With so many health and safety consultancies out there, why choose LRB?

Choose LRB: we are helpful, friendly, and professional. We are also on your side. Here are some of the things that make us stand out:

  • We listen to you and we work with you
  • We have an enviable depth of knowledge and experience
  • We have industrial, commercial, education sector, and enforcement experience
  • We have experience of work in educational sectors
  • We work with you to help you solve your problems
  • We deliver a service that meets the individual needs of your business
  • We speak your language and avoid jargon
  • We take a practical approach towards health and safety, giving you tangible results
  • We develop an understanding of your business to find the most suitable way for you to manage your health and safety needs
  • We help provide you with peace of mind
  • We offer a range of packages and approaches to suit your needs and budget
  • Safety matters!

And you don’t have to take our word for it! See what our clients have to say about us here.

Why choose LRB?

Choose LRB – the table below offers a comparison between LRB Health and Safety Solutions and their competitors.

Aspects of Service Provision

LRB Heath and Safety Solutions

The competition

Client VisitsThe frequency of visits depends on the contract. They can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual. The frequency of visits is agreed to suit your needs and your purse.Usually Annual visits. Often no personal service
Consultant allocationWe dedicate two consultants to each client, which helps to ensure continuity of advice.Often not provided
Telephone helplineGeneral helpline, but with access to your dedicated consultantsGeneral helpline
H&S PolicyAlthough with many standard features, your Health and Safety Policy is tailored to you and your needs.Usually standard
Policies and proceduresWritten for you.Standard policies only
Risk AssessmentsProduced from site visits and discussions. Tailored to meet your needs.Usually a rigid model or template. Often not provided
Health & Safety Improvement PlanFollowing on from a comprehensive site visit and audit, the Health and Safety Improvement Plan is developed for you and discussed with you.Report may contain a list of actions.
General H&S supportWe will provide support and assistance for your issues, usually through one of your dedicated consultants.Often generic in nature
Retained Contract periodBetween one and three yearsUsually 3 – 5 years
FeesFixed monthly fee. Unlimited support, with extra visits if required. Allows you to budget.One monthly fee but no extras included
FlexibilityExtremely high.Often relatively rigid

Why choose LRB? Well, if you’re looking for Health and Safety Solutions, Safety Matters!