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“Michael acted as health and safety training consultant on Croner’s Health and Safety Training Resource, and also contributed a number of updates and in-depth articles to other publications, all to a high standard. Experienced and helpful, and always a pleasure to work with.”

Croner, January 10, 2012

Cold Weather Safety

Cold weather safety – Working in a cold environment is difficult and has many potential problems, normally a cold environment in the workplace could be a freezer, or server room, but during the winter outdoor workers will also experience some very cold, and potentially hazardous.  It could be the average temperature for the area, the altitude or an unforeseen consequence of getting wet and tired in a comfortable climate.

Cold weather as a hazard is difficult to define as it depends upon personal experiences, your local climate, whether or not you are acclimatised, but generally speaking it is whenever the conditions are cold enough to potentially threaten your health.  The danger is not only from the ambient temperature but also the wind chill effect, rain, the condition of the workers, etc.

How do I plan cold weather work?

There are several considerations when placing workers in a cold environment.  These include:

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Avoid the falls of working at height

The best way to avoid working at height, is not to! If you can avoid it, then do so. For example many window cleaners now use a reach and wash system to avoid climbing ladders all day long. Where this cannot be achieved alternative methods are used, such as cradles, cherry pickers, and self cleaning windows.

But it is not just window cleaners that have to work at height, many other people need to carry out work at height.

How can I work at height safely?

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