Director jailed – for supplying asbestos roof panels that led to fatal fall

Director jailed for 12 months for supplying roof panels containing asbestos. Not only was the sale illegal, but it contributed to the death or a steel erecter.

An  investigation by the HSE into the fall found that RM (who was the sole director of RM Developments (2005)) supplied second-hand roofing sheets containing white asbestos to a farming partnership that was building a barn in Frankley, Worcestershire. The farming partnership hired Mr Tony Podmore (a steel erector) to build the barn. However, on 8 June 2011, he fell through one of the fragile roof panels and landed on the concrete floor about six metres below and later died of his injuries. The court heard that the partnership paid £4000 for the roofing material and believed it would be of good quality. RM, however, supplied pre-used asbestos sheets, which he is understood to have obtained for free. RM paid £250 for transport and so made £3750 profit on the sale.

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