Asbestos in Schools – Trust fined after refurbishment disturbs asbestos

Asbestos in schools is an issue that requires serious attention. Sometimes, this goes wrong, as happened here. The trust of an Essex school has been fined after poorly planned and managed refurbishment and maintenance activities exposed school staff and others to asbestos.

The Case:

Chelmsford Crown Court heard that managers at The Boswells School, Chelmsford, decided to convert an old boiler room at the school into a cleaning store. As asbestos in schools is such a well-known issue, this should cause alarm bells to ring in the minds of those involved. During this work, asbestos residue on the walls was disturbed, and caretakers swept contaminated debris from floors. Their exposure to risk only came to light after a later asbestos survey was completed in the area.

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GP Surgery – Health and Safety Support

It has been a pleasure to work with LRB Consulting. Following their visits, we are more confident with regards to health and safety in our workplace – for both staff, patients, and visitors. Their helpful and friendly approach has made a significant improvement to our documentation and has prepared us for external audits, for example a CQC inspection.

Keleigh Atkin, Practice Manager, Hugglescote Surgery

Are turban-wearing Sikhs exempt from the need to wear head protection in the workplace?

Question – I was recently asked : “I recall some time ago that Sikhs did not need to wear hard hats if they were wearing a turban – Do you know if that is still the case?”

Answer: In short the answer is yes, turban-wearing Sikhs exempt are exempt from the need to wear had protection.

Longer answer: New rules mean that from 01 October 2015, Sikhs across the UK will no longer face the prospect of disciplinary action for wearing turbans in the workplace.

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