Winter Weather – Don’t slip up this winter

Winter weather can be the cause of many accidents – Don’t slip up this winter. Accidents involving slips & trips tend to peak in the autumn and winter due to:

  • reduced daylight
  • cold winter weather spells causing ice and snow to build up on paths

winter weather

Every year the snow and ice that covers the country receives national media coverage. Local press attention goes to the most personal cases associated with injuries that people suffer as a result of falls. Some of these injuries may result in claims for damages through the courts.

Protect your business – regardless of the size of your site, always ensure that issues affecting access routes are tackled promptly.

Winter Weather: let us correct some misconceptions

By taking steps to clear or grit a pathway to prevent an accident occurring, you are not accepting responsibility for any slips or trips that may occur on your premises. Equally, if you do not clear the ice and snow then you can be held liable for injuries that occur.

You should take all reasonable steps to reduce the risk of an accident occurring, also reducing your chances of being successfully sued for any accident that does occur.

Simple Winter Weather procedures for smaller areas

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Forklift truck overturns and preventing overturning of forklift trucks

Forklift trucks are widely used in industrial and warehousing operations and are extremely useful. They can also be dangerous, causing injuries and property damage through collisions and overturning. One type of forklift safety issue is the leading cause of forklift-related deaths: overturns.

forklift truck overtruns

Causes of forklift truck overturns

There are four main causes of forklift truck overturns:

  • Turning, stopping or pushing the accelerator pedal too quickly.
  • Driving or manoeuvring on an incline.
  • An unbalanced load, driving with a load too high or a load too heavy for the equipment.
  • Uneven surfaces and wet surfaces.

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