Flashback arrestors are a legal requirement on oxy-acetylene sets

Are you aware that flashback arrestors are a legal requirement on oxy-acetylene sets?

The regulations about the use and maintenance of oxy-acetylene equipment were updated in late 2014 under The Acetylene Safety (England and Wales and Scotland) Regulations 2014 and included a new mandatory requirement to use suitable flashback arrestors.

The HSE have expressed concern that this legal requirement to use flashback arrestors may not have been fully implemented by all welding operators. The requirement for flashback arrestors is a reasonably practicable control of the risk, and that is why the law requires them. Please ensure you and your workers are protected by fitting the arrestors.

Take a look at the HSE Publication: Working safely with acetylene

Asbestos in schools – Councils have paid over £10 Million in compensation

According to an investigation into asbestos in schools by the BBC, 32 councils in England have settled claims from 220 retired teachers, school staff and ex-pupils in the last ten years. According to the BBC, it is likely the compensation claims exceeded £10m because ten councils did not disclose information about how many asbestos cases they had settled. Amazingly, it is also reported that there are inconsistencies in how councils monitor the presence of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs). Of the 135 Local Authorities that responded to a Freedom of information request, 13 revealed they had no data on which of the local schools contained asbestos. It is reported that Councils in England have paid out at least £10m in compensation to people who developed illnesses because of asbestos in school buildings.

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Work at Height – worker survives fall, but Tesco fined over £500,000

Work at Height, fall leads to large fine despite worker surviving the fall

We need to remember in 2013/14 falls arising from work at height were the most common cause of fatalities accounting to one in three fatal injuries to workers (RIDDOR)
So imagine the shock, a worker working on a Tesco store roof falling 30 feet onto a concrete floor getting only minor injuries, even the judge, Justice Steven Everett said that it was a “minor Miracle” he did not die. The worker who worked for Tesco Maintenance Ltd was carrying out repairs to roofing and guttering. While carrying out these repairs, he failed to spot a roof light that had been painted over, resulting in a fall of 30 feet to the floor.

So what Happened?

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Cold and Flu Prevention in the Workplace

Cold and Flu Prevention – It’s that time of year again, the time when you start hearing coughing and sneezing throughout the office and a box of tissues is placed conveniently near your computer keyboard. This month, we focus on ways to prevent the spread of cold and flu in the workplace.

But first, some of the Myths….

Myth 1: Take antibiotics
Fact: Antibiotics only act on bacterial infections, not viruses.

Myth 2: Starve a cold and feed a fever/flu
Fact: There is no conclusive evidence for withholding or increasing food or drink intake to reduce the symptoms or duration of a cold. The body needs adequate nutrition and fluids, especially during stress, to maintain body functions.

Myth 3: Vaccines prevent colds
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