Asbestos Failures lead to fines of more than £1,000,000

Once more, a large fine is imposed on companies that fail to manage the health risks to their workers (and others) from potential exposure to asbestos properly. Asbestos failures mean that three companies have together been fined more than £1,000,000 after workers were exposed to asbestos while refurbishing a school in Waltham Forest. The Southwark Crown Court heard that in July 2012 a worker removed part of a suspended ceiling in one of the ground floor refurbished rooms at St Mary’s school and identified suspect asbestos containing materials. Asbestos fibres were subsequently found in numerous areas in the school.

During the trial, the court heard the London Borough of Waltham Forest had a contract with NPS London Limited to manage development and refurbishment of its estate. At the time of the incident, the principal contractor for the work was Mansell Construction Services (now known as Balfour Beatty) and the subcontractor was Squibb Group Limited. The HSE investigation found that although an asbestos survey had been carried out, there were multiple caveats and disclaimers in the survey that were not appropriately checked.

Balfour Beatty Regional Construction Limited (previously Mansell Construction Services Limited) of Canary Wharf, London was fined £500,000 and ordered to pay costs of £32,364.84 after pleading guilty to breaching Section 2(1) and 3(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.  NPS London Limited, of Business Park Norwich, Norfolk was fined £370,000 and ordered to pay £32,364.84 in costs after pleading guilty to breaching Section 3(1) of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.

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£1,000,000 fine for Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottingham Crown Court heard that on 01 June 2015 a disabled  71-year-old man suffered bruising and injuries to his arms, legs and head from the incident involving Council Workers. The court heard that council employees were collecting branches (which were to be burned) from Rufford Park, transporting them using a tractor mounted grab attachment.  During this process, the park was in use by others, and a disabled man was on a guided walk in the park. The worker using the tractor to transport branches through the park could not see the member of public ahead and collided with him.

Nottinghamshire County Council has been fined after a member of the public was injured as a result of being struck by a council tractor. The Council received a £1,000,000 fine for the incident and ordered to pay costs of £10,269.85. The council pleaded guilty to charges of breaching Sections 2 (1) and 3 (1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

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Health and Safety Training Course

I thoroughly enjoyed the Health and Safety for Managers and Supervisors course. I found it gave me a lot to think about but also helped give me a clearer view of the direction I need to go in.

Nigel Slawson, Development & Resource Manager, East Midlands Ceramics Ltd

Conveyor Safety – Agency Worker Injured

Breadmakers Warburtons Ltd has been fined  £1.9 million after an agency worker was injured when his arm got trapped against a running conveyor belt. The Crown Court in Nottingham heard how on 4 August 2015 the agency worker was cleaning parts of the bread line when his arm got trapped leaving him with friction burns which required skin grafts.

An investigation by the HSE found CCTV footage showing the worker cleaning parts of the line. As he reached into the line he became trapped between two conveyors and part of the machine had to be dismantled to release him. HSE inspectors found the machine could have been fitted with localised guarding to prevent access between the conveyors.

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