Wind Farm Health and Safety

As a Health and Safety consultancy, we do involved in some very interesting projects. We are involved in site safety on some windfarm projects at the moment.

It seems obvious, but ….

….. windfarms get built in windy places!

That creates all sorts of problems for the contractors to overcome. In the winter time, wind, rain, snow and ice are routine issues. In the summer time, the issues change to include high winds, heat, sunshine and (of course) rain. Like all aspects of health and safety they need to be managed. Over the next few weeks I’ll be blogging about some of the issues that arise. I will be uploading some photos to demonstrate the size of the sites and to make the points more accessible to all.

When you lift the blades for a wind turbine into the air, you really do not want much wind – things can get very interesting and (in the world of health and safety) interesting is not always a good thing!

Hagrid has been working over in County Antrim (November to mid-February) on one particular project while Ray has started working up in the very North of Scotland on another project. Again, most of the locations tend to be remote. Site access in all cases requires though and care. Large vehicles need to access these sites to deliver components – these include large cranes to lift the various sections into place.

Windfarm health and safety

There are big loads to be moved about the sites and placed carefully and safely. Health and Safety is an important factor and many of these site are in remote locations.

big loads on wind farms

A lot of the construction work involves careful lifting to height and careful positioning.

lifting to height

The next time you drive passed a wind farm please give a thought to the skill and consideration that went into building it safely.


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