Incident and Accident Investigation Support

It is essential to investigate accidents, near-misses, and incidents soon after they occur and it is important to learn from them. We offer a health and safety incident and accident investigation support service.

Don’t wait for the death at work or for the serious injury: Learn from near misses

Too many organisations fail to learn from the non-injury events, such as near misses. This is a shame as these are effectively free opportunities for learning valuable lessons, and for making changes before people are harmed. If you want to know how, then contact us about out Accident Investigation Training.

Essential information and learning points from a health and safety incident or accident include:

  • Identifying the factors that led to the incident
  • Determining what changes need to be implemented to stop the issue arising again
  • With some accidents, it is important to understand who is to blame in order to protect you, and your business

At LRB Consulting, we have experience of carrying out incident and accident investigation support on a whole range of incidents – both big and small.

The investigation process with health and safety incidents and accidents includes:

  • Interviews conducted with appropriate persons
  • Inspections of the area where the accident took place
  • Forming an opinion of the sequence of events
  • Forming an opinion of contributory factors leading to the accident
  • Recommendations on how to avoid similar accidents in future.

Why investigate an accident?

Incident and accident investigations are a necessary, part of health and safety management and an essential element of the monitoring process that you are required to carry out. Incidents, including near misses, can tell you a lot about how things are in reality:

  • Investigating your accidents and reported cases of occupational ill health would help you uncover and correct any breaches in legal compliance you may have been unaware of
  • It gives you the opportunity to learn and to change things before people are harmed
  • The fact that you thoroughly investigated an incident and took remedial action to prevent further occurrences will help demonstrate to a court that your company has a positive attitude to health and safety
  • Your investigation findings will also provide essential information for your insurers in the event of a claim

An investigation can help you identify why the existing risk control measures failed and what improvements or additional measures are needed. It can:

  • Provide a real snapshot of what happens and how work is done (workers may find shortcuts to make things easier or quicker and may ignore rules – you need to be aware of this)
  • Improve the management of risk in the future
  • Help other parts of your organisation learn
  • Demonstrate your commitment to effective health and safety
  • Improve employee morale and thinking towards health and safety

Incident and Accident Investigation Support

Incident and Accident Investigation Support

It’s never too late for us to provide you with the incident and accident investigation support that you need, although the earlier we are involved, the bigger effect we can have. Ideally, contact us soon after the event and we can help you prepare for any enforcement visits, insurers reports, and other consequences to help put your organisation in the best light.

For a comprehensive and responsive incident and accident investigation support service, call us on 01509 550023 or email us to find out more.


Investigation into an accident