Fire Safety in the Workplace Consultancy Services

For all employers, business owners and responsible persons in any organisation or institution where people work, we are a Loughborough based health and safety consultancy that offers fire safety in the workplace consultancy services that you and all of our clients across the UK can trust.

For all employers, business owners and responsible persons in any organisation or institution where people work, we are a Loughborough based health and safety consultancy that offer’s fire safety in the workplace consultancy services that you and all of our clients across the UK can trust.

Fire Safety in the Workplace

As much as we would like to live, operate and do business in a world where the health and safety of our employees is simply a duty of care, fire safety legislation in the UK is in place for very good reason. Occasionally there are those who have other priorities, and the welfare and safety of those that they employ and bring into their workplace doesn’t come out on top. Those who do enter the workplace they provide are, however, their greatest asset and as much as some may not always think it, they are the ones that make their business, organisation or institution sustainable and responsible for your, and its, long-term success.

Fire safety regulation in the UK is tightly controlled with the issuing of certificates for the good provision of prevention, control, signage, policies and procedures, and where there have been reports of non-adherence or compromise, inspections are to be expected with the issuing of fire safety order, fines and even prison-terms for non-compliance and continued non-compliance. The good news for you is that we are able to help you in all areas and related matters, whether it be with fire risk assessments, policies, training, tips and advice when you need it.

Here at LRB Consulting, we are members of a professional body that has the objective of raising awareness of fire safety at a local, national and international level – The Institute of Fire Safety Managers. The IFSM aims to promote fire prevention and fire protection, as well as reducing the risk from fire as far as possible. Its members benefit from technical conferences and training events, as well as communication with hundreds of other fire professionals.

We understand the importance of fire safety in the workplace, providing a range of professional consultancy services and training for employees, employers, business owners and responsible persons in any organisation or institution where people work, helping them to improve their organisation’s workplace safety, simplifying process and produces that boost trust in their working environment, protecting you from prosecution and ultimately, contributing positively to your organisation’s future success.

We work with employers to implement policies and ensure compliance; we help them conduct workplace fire safety assessments; support them with safety promotion and education programmes; we help them to provide advice; and we provide your responsible person with advice and guidance around making reasonable adjustments to working conditions.

For some, we are well aware that as a business owner or manager, it can all feel like a minefield. Luckily we will work with you and tailor our consultancy services to meet your needs. We appreciate that fire safety is vital to the well-being of your workforce, you, your customers and suppliers, and our consultants can help you to get to grips with everything that you may need. We can help to take the confusion out of fire safety in the workplace, keep you up-to-date, and provide you with timely and pertinent advice.

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Fire Safety training is a must for all organisations.

We all know why fire safety is important – it can devastate businesses as well as employees. Protect your staff, your premises and your business with some simple lessons learned through our excellent fire training course. If you need help to understand the importance of fire training, or you just want to talk to a fire consultant, then please get in touch.

Fire Safety Consultancy Service

There are I’m sure, many of you with fire safety questions such as: How does fire safety affect me and my business? And what is a fire risk assessment and what should we expect? And what you really need is good solid, reliable and trustworthy consultancy service.

There are many fire safety consultants out there, so why choose LRB Consulting?

The culture and ethos of a fire safety consultant at LRB Consulting is to be: helpful, friendly, and professional. Here are some of the many qualities that make us stand out:

  • We are large enough to cope and small enough to care!
  • We offer a dedicated fire safety consultant to work with you
  • We have an excellent team of experienced fire safety consultants and provide great depth of knowledge
  • We work with you to help you solve your problems
  • We can work with other fire safety consultancies with specialist skills and knowledge to provide the best solutions for you
  • We deliver a service that meets the individual needs of your business
  • We have industrial, commercial, education sector, and enforcement experience, assessing fire safety measures in schools, fire safety training for landlords, and providing to adhere to fire safety regulations in care homes
  • We listen, we speak your language, and we avoid jargon
  • We take a very practical approach towards fire safety, giving you tangible results
  • We develop an understanding of your business to find the best solution for you
  • We help provide you with peace of mind
  • We offer a range of training courses to support and supplement our packages and approaches tailored to suit your business needs and budget
  • We firmly believe that safety matters

If you’re looking for professional occupational health and workplace safety consultancy at a fair price, then talk to us about your needs. There are many Occupational Health and Safety Companies out there, but few that can work with you as well as we can.

  • I would just like to say thank you to LRB Consulting, and to Christian especially, for his great work today on our fire safety training. This has been great for everyone involved. My staff at City Gate including myself were very impressed with Christian's knowledge and with the training. Everyone took well to the training and came away with more insight to fire safety. Thank you again and could you please give Christian a big thank you from us all at City Gate.

    Michael Westwick, Building Supervisor, City Gate, Nottingham

  • I have been very impressed with the standard of the Fire Risk assessments undertaken on our behalf by LRB Consulting Limited. The reports have been thorough, professional and pragmatic.

    Brian Goulding, The Garden Centre Group

Case Study

Fire Safety – how are we doing?

Fire Safety has been in the news a lot in the last couple of years. There have been many serious fires in the UK, including Lakanal House and Grenfell Towers. More recently, there has been a high profile fire at Notre Dame.Fire Safety is a continuous issue that makes the news in lesser ways, but still with potentially life-changing outcomes, or deaths. Below are a couple of examples of the failings (that we get to hear about).