Corporate Health and Safety Support

Our Corporate Health and Safety Package provides practical health & safety advice and guidance to larger businesses. It provides you and your business with the necessary support to ensure compliance with relevant health and safety legislation and to keep your employees and your company safe. We will work with you to move on beyond compliance when you are ready.

We work with you to help protect your people, your business, and your commercial reputation. Regular health and safety updates are provided as your needs or the legislation changes. We meet with you to review and discuss your potential, and actual, health and safety needs and challenges. By identifying the needs and requirements of your business, the package can be as comprehensive as you want.

Our Corporate Health and Safety Services are bespoke to you but include:

  • A dedicated Health and Safety Consultant (to work with you and act as your point of contact)
  • Assistance with your Competent Person requirements
  • Access to competent Health and Safety advice
  • Regular site assessment visits and health and safety audit
    • Health and Safety Improvement Plan
  • Creation of bespoke Health and Safety Policy documentation
    • Updates to ensure ongoing legal compliance
  • Fire Risk Assessment
    • Fire Safety Improvement Plan
  • Regular site visits to discuss and progress health and safety matters
  • Ongoing Health and Safety advice and support
  • Help with accident and incident investigations
  • Legislative and other relevant updates (as and when required)
  • Regular Health and Safety Newsletter

Our corporate health and safety service provides your business with the necessary support to ensure compliance with relevant health and safety legislation. When you need help, we provide it.

  • You get support and helping in getting peace of mind!
  • You get a dedicated Health & Safety Consultant who will support you and get to work identifying and minimising the risks in your business.
  • You get regular visits to your premises to review your policies, procedures and working practices to establish where you fall short of your legal obligations.
  • You get a new Health & Safety Policy Document that is tailored to your requirements.
  • You will get a Prioritised Safety Action Plan that lists what that needs to be done to meet your legal obligations.
  • You get regular visits to your premises by you dedicated Consultant.

corporate health and safety

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