Enforcement Visit – do you need help?

Are you facing an Enforcement Visit? Do you need some help?

Do you need someone to help you through the enforcement visit process with the HSE, the Environmental Health Office (EHO), or the Fire Officer?

Being prepared for dealing with an enforcement visit can be beneficial, and it can help you to avoid some of the obvious pitfalls.

If appropriate, we can put you through the process of a “mock” enforcement visit, so that you are fully prepared for the process.

Enforcement visit

There are many ways in which we can help you. We will help you to create a Health & Safety Improvement Plan for your business, which includes issues such as:

  • Health and Safety Training
  • Creation of new Health and Safety Policy and associated documentation
  • Setting up and implementing Active Monitoring regimes
  • Undertaking and updating Risk Assessments
  • Creating a Risk Register

Need help preparing? Not sure what to do? Do you need help to deal with the visit?

The HSE and the Fee for Intervention Scheme

Are you aware of the HSE’s Fee for Intervention Scheme (FFI)? The HSE are now required to charge £124 per hour for their time if they uncover a “Material Breach” at a site. It is considered that the FFI scheme might make enforcement more likely.

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LRB Consulting can help you to prepare for an enforcement visit or action.

We can review your existing documentation to check, advice on or update your:

  • Health and Safety Policy and associated documentation
  • Health and Safety Records
  • Risk Assessments
  • Fire Safety Risk Assessment

Testimonial for Assistance with Enforcement Action

Thank you for an excellent service and for Peter’s expert help. It was vital is helping us to defend ourselves and to maintain our unblemished Health and Safety record. My worries were considered and dealt with and I now have my peace of mind back.


We were pleased to be able to help Martyn prepare for an interview with the HSE so that he could put across his information and case in a confident and supported manner. One of our consultants (Peter, an ex-Enforcement Officer) helped Martyn to prepared and supported him through the process. The result: a happy client who is happy to recommend us.

 Call us on 01509 550023 if you’d like to discuss enforcement action with us