Spotlight On – Stars of Health and Safety Interview with Mike Ellerby

Stars of Health and Safety interview with Mike Ellerby

Our director, Mike Ellerby, was recently interviewed by the Health and Safety Works blog for their feature ‘Stars of Health and Safety’.

This Q&A feature regularly looks at ‘the movers and shakers in the Health and Safety landscape’, and approached Mike to get his views on health and safety.

Click here to read Mike’s interview where he talks about health and safety issues including:

  • His role at work and in the wider health and safety community
  • His views on how health and safety is generally perceived
  • How health and safety could be improved in the workplace
  • Health and safety failings and successes
  • The health and safety community
  • Health and Safety and social media
  • Where Mike would like to see health and safety in the future.


Read the full article here.

Join Mike on twitter: @safety_matters

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