COSHH Assessment

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Health and safety when working with bio hazards

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Many substances can be harmful to health, including metalworking fluid, dust and fume-laden air, paint, ink, glue, lubricant and detergent amongst many others. There are particular risks from hazardous substances such as isocyanates and other respiratory sensitisers.

A COSHH assessment will help you to understand and manage the risks associated with using hazardous materials. The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) require that the health risks arising from exposure to substances hazardous to health are avoided where this is reasonably practicable or that they are controlled where it is not reasonably practicable to avoid them.

How to comply with the principles of COSHH?

  1. Assess the risks to health and decide what precautions are needed (COSHH Assessment)
  2. Inform workers of the risks associated with exposure to substances hazardous to health and of the control measures to be used to ensure their health and safety.
  3. Prevent workers from being exposed to substances hazardous to health or, where this is not reasonably practicable, ensure that such exposure is controlled adequately.
  4. Ensure that exposure control measures are followed at all times, and regularly checked and maintained and that safety procedures are observed.
  5. Monitor workers exposure to substances hazardous to health and carry out appropriate health surveillance, where the COSHH assessment has shown this is necessary.
  6. Train workers in the use of control measures and the use of any personal protective equipment that may be required.
  7. Provide suitable welfare facilities, such as washing and areas to consume food away from the workplace.


COSHH Assessment

There are more work related deaths each year from the Health part of H&S than from the Safety element. Deaths from work related cancer far exceed all safety related workplace deaths each year (from work at height, injuries from vehicles, etc.). A Control of Substances Hazardous to Health risk assessment (or COSHH Assessment) concentrates on the hazards and risks from substances that are stored, used or generated in your workplace. The hazards and risks are not just associated with bottles marked “Hazardous”. There are a large number of substances that can be hazardous to health and can induce debilitating diseases, including asthma, cancer and skin diseases.

COSHH for small businesses

COSHH Risk Assessment can be daunting for smaller businesses. Most of the businesses in the UK are small or medium-sized enterprises.  The same health and safety laws apply to small businesses as apply to big ones, with a few exemptions on written risk assessments and policy documentation for very small companies. It should be noted that these size based exemptions are not exemptions from the risk assessment itself, but from the need for a written record of the assessment. Take a look at our page on The basic principles of COSHH for small business (the COSHH Risk Assessment)

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  • COSHH management system – extensive practical experience and professional qualifications. Michael’s extensive practical experience and professional qualifications in occupational safety and health provided the foundation for a comprehensive, authoritative and yet fascinating educational seminar. His lively and fast-paced presentation style exuded a passion for this vitally important subject that kept my entire analytical testing team focused, and left us energized and inspired to further develop our COSHH management system.

    Dr Nick Cory, Director of Operations, BLC Leather Technology Centre Ltd