Fire Safety Awareness Training Course

Cost: £65 per person, plus VAT

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Fire Safety training is a must for all organisations. Protect your staff, your premises and your business with some simple lessons learned through our excellent training.

This half day Fire Safety Training course includes hands-on use of fire extinguishers, no previous experience is necessary. This course will help employers comply with fire safety legislature.

The main topics covered include:

  1. Fire Safety Awareness
  2. Actions to be taken in the event of a fire
  3. Fire Warden’s Duties
  4. Practical Session – Location and correct use of fire fighting equipment (fully insured “live fire” training session with extinguishers)
  5. Emergency Procedures

Live Fire Extinguisher Training

Our live fire extinguisher training sessions are held in a controlled environment. We generally use water and carbon dioxide extinguishers, although dry powder, foam, or wet chemical extinguishers can be demonstrated if required. We also demonstrate the use of fire blankets, if appropriate. Our practical sessions we use proprietary gas fire simulators (these are clean burning and don’t damage the floor surface or cause a smoke problem). The benefits of practical fire extinguisher training cannot be overstated. The confidence gained from being trained by our instructors will produce great results and may lead to a small fire being nipped in the bud, before it spreads or develops.

Course Testimonials

‘We have used LRB Consulting Fire Safety Assessments and Training on several occasions and have been pleased with their friendliness, attention to detail and understanding of our needs.’

Judith Robinson, Loughborough Women’s Aid

‘I have been very impressed with the standard of the Fire Risk assessments undertaken on our behalf by LRB Consulting Limited. The reports have been thorough, professional and pragmatic.’

Brian Goulding, The Garden Centre Group

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