GP Practice Safety

GP Practice Safety – Retained Health and Safety Service 

GP Practice Safety – Our retained health and safety service is designed to assist the Practice Manager and help not only to achieve health and safety compliance but also to provide a clear demonstration of compliance.

CQC inspections – The CQC will want to see evidence that practices are meeting health and safety standards during an inspection. We help you to prepare for this.

Keeping people Safe – As well as helping you to comply with the law, we help you to keep people (including staff and patients) from harm.

We work with you – We visit you to discuss your issues and provide a simple report, and we help you to address any problems.

Amongst other things, the CQC will want to see evidence that GP Practices are meeting Health and safety standards during an inspection.

The General Practice Medical Centre has a duty of care to its staff, patients and visitors. The practice partners have overall responsibility for the health and safety of the practice, whilst the Practice Manager has to ensure that health and safety arrangements are implemented.

All staff at the surgery have a responsibility to ensure that they cooperate with the Practice and that they put into practice the policies, procedures, and instructions that they have received. They have responsibility for themselves and for others that they come into contact with.

Personnel must also cooperate with the policies of the practice and must report any identified health and safety issues that emerge during the working day, that may have a potential impact on the patients or others.

GP Practice Safety – Retained Health and Safety Service

GP in a GP surgery

Additional Services

We can provide further services into GP Practices, such as Infection Control Audits, Health and Safety training, Manual Handling training, Assistance with Fire Drills, Fire Safety Training, and many others...


Our Retained Health and Safety Services for a GP Practice includes

  • Providing competent Health and Safety adviceGP Practices
  • Providing a single point of contact (dedicated Consultant) through which you can access Health and Safety support
  • Carrying out a Health and Safety Compliance Audit of the Practice
    • Generating a Health and Safety Improvement Plan for the Practice
    • Updating the Compliance Audit and the Action Plan at appropriate intervals
  • Carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) for the Practice
    • Creating a Fire Safety Improvement Plan for the Practice
    • Updating the Fire Risk Assessment at appropriate intervals
  • Assisting with the completion of General Risk Assessments relating to the operation of the Practice
  • Visiting the Surgery an agreed number of times during the year to discuss and to progress Health and Safety issues
  • Creating and maintaining a suitable, bespoke Health and Safety Policy
  • Providing policy updates (as required to keep your Surgery compliant with changes within the Practice and in health and safety legislation)
  • Providing telephone and email support as necessary on health and safety matters
  • Providing regular newsletters, with relevant health and safety information and articles
  • Offering places on relevant Health and Safety Training aimed at Practices and Practice Managers

The cost of this retained Health and Safety service varies with the size, nature, and location of the GP Practice, but small surgeries would cost £130, plus VAT, per month – based on a two-year retained contract.

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Health centre safety

  • It has been a pleasure to work with LRB Consulting. Following their visits, we are more confident with regards to health and safety in our workplace – for both staff, patients, and visitors. Their helpful and friendly approach has made a significant improvement to our documentation and has prepared us for external audits, for example, a CQC inspection.

    Keleigh Atkin, Practice Manager