Health and Safety for Schools and Academies

Health and Safety is an essential aspect of the management of Schools and Academies and determines how students, pupils, members of staff,  and others are kept safe.

All schools must comply with the legal requirements outlined in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and its associated regulations. Employers in the education sector have duties to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety, and welfare of teachers, education staff, pupils – both in school and during off-site visits – visitors, volunteers, and contractors. 

We have worked with several schools and academies to assist them with their Health and Safety requirements, including fire safety.  We help schools and colleges to prioritise the areas on which to focus.

What can we provide?

  • Health and Safety Compliance Audits (or Gap Analysis)
  • Health and Safety Improvement Plan for the School
  • Fire Risk Assessments 
  • Fire Safety Improvement Plan for the School
  • Health and Safety training
  • A source of competent health and safety advice
  • A retained service at a sensible cost, helping to provide you with peace of mind.

Compliance Audits for Schools and Academies

We can complete a full audit of your premises, policies, and procedures by a competent and experienced Health and Safety consultant. Although we are never unescorted on a school site, we carry out DBS checks on our consultants to provide you with an appropriate level of reassurance. This helps you to understand how well you are managing health and safety and complying with Health and Safety requirements. The Compliance Audit Report includes a Health and Safety Improvement Plan for the School, giving each school a guide to improving their Health and Safety.

Training for Schools and Academies

Training is an important aspect of improving the performance of teachers and all other staff. We run several open Health and Safety training courses each year, and we can run bespoke training sessions for individual schools or groups of schools. In fact, our director, Michael Ellerby, has spoken at multiple different conferences on Health and Safety for schools an academies.

In addition to providing general Health and Safety Training for all staff, we can deliver other specialist training, such as:

  • Fire Safety Training
  • Fire Warden Training
  • Risk Assessment Training
  • COSHH Awareness Training
  • Legionella Awareness Training and Asbestos Awareness training for premises officers
  • Safeguarding Training
  • Responding to an act of terror
  • and many others

Training Course Development

We have recently worked with Forum Business Services to create a new Managing Health and Safety in Schools Certificate

Schools are responsible for the health and safety of staff and pupils and must appoint a competent person to ensure that they meet their health and safety responsibilities. Yet health and safety is a complex area, and not everyone carrying out this role has been given specialist training.
This is where we can help. Our comprehensive Managing Health and Safety in Schools Certificate takes you through managing all aspects of health and safety in schools to protect staff, pupils and visitors. It also provides a train the trainer module to help you to train new staff and advise on educating pupils in risk management.

Your CPD accredited Managing Health and Safety in Schools Certificate – keeping your knowledge up-to-date

  • Are you responsible for managing health and safety in schools and would like to undertake training?
  • Would you like to ensure you are complying with the most up-to-date requirements?
  • Do you have gaps in your knowledge that you’d like to fill?
  • Then the Managing health and safety in schools certificate is for you!

We are a supplier of Health and Safety Services to Schools and Academies through Skyblue


Health and Safety for schools

Health and Safety for schools

Paediatric First Aid Training

As well as offering First Aid Training for most workplaces, we can also provide more focussed, specialist instruction and training, such as Paediatric First Aid Training

Fire Safety in Schools

In addition to assisting with the complex subject of Health and Safety in the educational environment, we also provide help with Fire Safety issues, especially Fire Risk Assessments. All schools are required to have an up-to-date fire risk assessment.

Not only is the Fire Risk Assessment a legal requirement, but it is also vital to life safety and asset protection. A detailed Fire Risk Assessment (based on the PAS79 format) of your school is carried out by a competent, experienced safety consultant. The Fire Risk Assessment report includes a Fire Safety improvement plan for the school, detailing the actions recommended to improve fire safety and comply with the provisions of the Regulatory (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Children in school

Fire Risk Assessments

Our Fire Risk Assessors have considerable experience and can help you to look at solutions to potential problems.

The responsible person under the Fire Safety Order (which is enforced by your local Fire and Rescue Service) is required to:

  • carry out and regularly review a fire risk assessment
  • tell the staff and their representatives about the risks you’ve identified
  • put in place, and maintain, adequate and appropriate fire safety measures
  • plan for an emergencyfire safety in the workplace evacuation drill
  • provide staff with information, fire safety instruction, and training

Fire Evacuations

A safe evacuation of the premises must be both planned and practised.  We can help you:

  • consider assembly points
  • devise effective roll call procedures
  • practice evacuation of the premises
  • learn lessons from issues encountered during the evacuation of the premises
  • keep staff and students safe

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