Risk Assessment

Risk AssessmentRisk assessment is at the very heart of modern health and safety management. Risk Assessments are an important step in protecting your workers, as well your business. In most cases, risk assessment process is also a legal duty.

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We can help you to understand and comply with your legal duties, and so much more

We can complete a range of health and safety risk assessments for you, and we can help you to do it for yourselves. A risk assessment is an examination of what you do in your workplace, and how harm could be caused, and to whom. You are then able to identify if there are sufficient suitable precautions in place to protect your workforce, or if more needs to be done.

There are five steps to a health and safety risk assessment:

  1. Hazard identification – what is, or could be, dangerous in your workplace
  2. Identify the people at risk – who might be harmed and how
  3. Evaluate the severity and likelihood of the risks occurring and decide on suitable precautions
  4. Record the findings of your assessment and implement the identified precautions
  5. Review your assessment and the precautions and update if necessary

In all cases you should involve your staff in the assessment process; they will be able to provide useful information about how the job is done helping to more easily identify the risks.

The benefits of Risk Assessments

There are several business benefits associated with the timely and effective practice of risk assessment covering a cross-section of activities. Typically, these benefits go much further than just legal compliance, and they include:

  • a reduction in injuries and in ill-health
  • a reduction in lost time
  • a reduction in claims
  • a reduction in insurance premiums
  • improved employee morale
  • more efficient processes
  • increased productivity
  • enhanced worker satisfaction
  • prestige

We are very experienced in undertaking risk assessments

We have worked with and assisted many clients with the risk assessment process. In many cases, we have worked with them to complete the risk assessments, while in other cases we have trained them in the risk assessment process.

We assist many of our smaller, contractor industry clients by creating examples of site-based risks assessments for them to utilise.

If you are not confident at doing your risk assessments, contact us now to find out how we can help you to complete them. We can also carry out your Fire Safety Risk Assessments, and regularly run a Risk Assessment Training Course, contact us now to find out more.

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Risk assessment in the workplace