Choosing the right contractor – Health and Safety Consultants included

Choosing the right contractor is crucial, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone involved, which is why Health and Safety Consultant are included in the decision-making process. Choosing and managing contractors is one of the topics our health and safety consultants talk about with our clients. This may include things like:

  • How were your contractors selected?
  • What preliminary checks are made on the company?
  • How do you ensure they are competent to deliver the services they offer?
  • How often do you review documentation (e.g. their relevant insurances and qualifications)?

This applies to all contractors you use; window cleaners, suppliers, construction companies, cleaners, and, of course, your health and safety consultants.

When it comes to choosing your Health and Safety Consultant, you can rest assured that LRB Consulting Ltd comply with HSE best practice guidance.

As with many questions regarding health and safety, the first place to look for advice is the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Fortunately, the HSE have provided an excellent framework for finding a competent source of health and safety advice.

The first thing they recommend is the Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register (OSHCR). The HSE promotes OSHCR as a trustworthy means to help businesses find consultants who:

  • are certified professionals who have a status recognised by their professional body,
  • have valid insurance,
  • remain up to date on the latest standards and developments.

You will find our director, Mike Ellerby, on the OSCHR register here.

One of the key criteria for OSCHR eligibility includes holding Chartered membership of a recognised professional body, such as IOSH. Our Director Michael Ellerby’s CMIOSH status demonstrates his experience within health and safety leadership roles, a commitment to CPD, and staying abreast of the latest developments, legislation, and guidance. A consultancy headed by a chartered member is a consultancy that can be relied on.

This is something that sets the offering from LRB Consulting Limited apart. Mike uses his vast experience in consultancy and industry for the benefit of our clients and consultants. As a respected Health and Safety professional with an international reputation, Mike is in constant demand to deliver consultancy, work, and high-quality training at all levels, including the delivery of webinars, seminars and international training.

All health and safety consultants working for LRB Consulting Ltd are overseen by Mike, who ensures through active mentoring, work shadowing, CPD, and the ongoing training of his consultants, that any advice, recommendations, and training given by an LRB Health and Safety Consultant is not only current, relevant, and legally compliant, but will stand up when it matters and can be relied upon.

It is why our slogan proudly states: because safety matters; to LRB Consulting, it really does.

The cost of choosing a contractor who is not deemed competent to deliver the service they offer can be high indeed. Case law shows us that the emphasis will always come back to the client and their responsibility in carrying out those initial checks.

How Can We Help

You can rely on LRB Consulting Limited, your trusted office health and safety consulting firm as a knowledgeable source of guidance. We are always eager to participate in clients’ current contractor screening processes, and can collaborate with you to enhance or create these for your requirements.

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