Health and Safety at Work Consultancy Service

For all employers, employees, business owners and responsible persons in any organisation or institution where people work, we are a Loughborough based workplace safety consultancy that offers training, support and advice for health and safety at work that you and all of our clients across the UK can trust.

We are a Loughborough based workplace safety consultancy, offering training, support and advice for health and safety at work that you can trust. A vital business tool for all employers, employees, business owners and responsible persons in any organisation or institution where people work. 

Health and Safety in the Workplace

For all that we would like to think that common sense could and should prevail, health and safety at work has long been top of the list as a legal requirement and responsibility for business owners, company directors and responsible people with businesses, organisations and institutions across the land for good reason. It’s not just the domain of unions and the awkward – health and safety in the workplace is something that all good employers and successful businesses cannot do without.

Here at LRB Consulting, we are featured on The Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register as an occupational health specialist and also are members of the world’s largest professional health and safety organisation UK professional body whose members are the voice of the profession, campaigning on issues that affect countless working professionals – The Institution of Occupational Safety. IOSH sets standards and support, develop, and connect members through resources, guidance, events and training.

Health and safety regulation in the UK is tightly controlled by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The HSE has huge powers when it comes to enforcing health and safety in the workplace and where there have been reports of non-adherence or compromise from recognised standards, substantial fines, business closures and even prison-terms for non-compliance where life-changing injuries and/or death has occurred.

The good news for you is that we’re able to help you in all areas and related matters, whether it be with a health and safety audit to help you identify hazards, the introduction of control measures, policies and procedures, training courses, tips and advice when you need it.

We understand the importance of health and safety in the workplace, providing a range of professional workplace safety consultancy services and safety training for employees, employers, business owners and responsible persons in any organisation or institution, helping them to improve their organisation’s standards, simplifying process and producedures that boost trust, protecting you from prosecution and ultimately, contributing positively to your organisation’s future success. Don’t forget, it’s your commercial reputation that is at risk should anything go wrong!

We work with employers to recognise workplace hazards as there are many types of hazard that employees won’t easily recognise without the correct advice. We can help you implement policies to ensure compliance; supporting you with health and safety promotion and education programmes; we help our clients to provide advice; and we can provide your responsible person with advice and guidance around making reasonable adjustments to process and procedures.

For some, we are well aware that as a business owner or manager, it can all feel like a minefield. Luckily we will work with you and tailor our consultancy services to meet your needs. We appreciate that health and safety is something that needs to be taken seriously, for you, your customers and the general public, and our consultants can help you to get to grips with everything that you may need. We can help to take the confusion out of health and safety at work, keep you up-to-date, and provide you with timely and pertinent advice.

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Retained Services: Keep it simple, straightforward, and affordable with one of our retained health and safety consultancy packages

Our retained services offer you peace of mind for an affordable fixed fee, allowing you to budget for your health and safety consultancy provision with confidence. We have health and safety consultancy packages to suit businesses both large and small to enable them to meet their legal and moral health and safety obligations.

Workplace Safety Advisors

There are I’m sure, many of you with health and safety questions such as: Who is responsible for workplace health and safety? What are the 6 types of hazards in the workplace? What are the duties and responsibilities of workers? What are the benefits of health and safety in the workplace? Why is health and safety important? Well, I hope that in the section above we’ve highlighted many of them for you, but there are bound to be so many more and what you really need is good solid, reliable and trustworthy health and safety consultant to answer them for you.

There are many health and safety consultants out there, so why choose LRB Consulting?

The culture and ethos of a workplace safety advisor at LRB Consulting is to be: helpful, friendly, and professional. Here are some of the many qualities that make us stand out:

  • We are large enough to cope and small enough to care!
  • We offer a dedicated workplace safety advisor to work with you
  • We have an excellent team of experienced health and safety consultants and provide great depth of knowledge
  • We work with you to help you solve your problems
  • We can work with other health and safety advisors with specialist skills and knowledge to provide the best solutions for you
  • We deliver a service that meets the individual needs of your business
  • We have industrial, commercial, education sector, and enforcement experience, assessing health and safety measures in schools, training for landlords, and providing support to adhere to health and safety regulations in care homes
  • We listen, we speak your language, and we avoid jargon
  • We take a very practical approach towards fire safety, giving you tangible results
  • We develop an understanding of your business to find the best solution for you
  • We help provide you with peace of mind
  • We offer a range of health and safety training courses to support and supplement our packages and approaches tailored to suit your business needs and budget
  • We firmly believe that safety matters

If you’re looking for professional occupational health and workplace safety consultancy at a fair price, then talk to us about your needs. There are many Occupational Health and Safety Companies out there, but few that can work with you as well as we can.

Case Study

Case Study

Wind Farm Health and Safety

As a Health and Safety consultancy, we do involved in some very interesting projects. We are involved in site safety on some windfarm projects at the moment.
It seems obvious, but …. windfarms get built in windy places!

That creates all sorts of problems for the contractors to overcome. In the winter time, wind, rain, snow and ice are routine issues. In the summer time, the issues change to include high winds, heat, sunshine and (of course) rain. Like all aspects of health and safety in the workplace they need to be managed. Over the next few weeks I’ll be blogging about some of the issues that arise. I will be uploading some photos to demonstrate the size of the sites and to make the points more accessible to all.