Small Business Health and Safety Packages

Getting the right Health and Safety support can be a major issue for the smaller organisation, which is why we offer Small Business Support. Smaller businesses face the same health and safety problems as bigger ones, but often with fewer resources. Our small business support (health and safety) package provides the core health and safety elements in a cost-effective manner. We provide you with peace of mind for a reasonable monthly price. Managing health and safety within your business doesn’t have to be complicated, costly or time-consuming. In fact, with our help, it may be easier than you think.

Small Business Support (health and safety) includes:

  • A dedicated Health and Safety Consultant (to act as a single point of contact)
  • Assistance with your Competent Person requirements (Regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999)
  • Initial site assessment visit, assimilating information about the business
  • Creation of bespoke Health and Safety Policy documentation
  • Undertaking an annual Health and Safety compliance audit
    • Creation of a Small Business Health and Safety Improvement Plan
  • (Option to include Fire Risk Assessment within the package)
  • Six-monthly (or annual) site visits to discuss and progress health and safety matters
  • Health and safety advice and support
  • Health and Safety Newsletter

Stay safe, no matter how small you are!

No matter what size you are, maintaining health and safety in the workplace is a legal requirement for all businesses. Many smaller companies do not have the know-how or the resources necessary to handle it themselves.

With smaller businesses, the effects of injury and loss are often greater (percentage wise) than for larger organisation. Our Small Business Support offers a cost-effective service to this problem.

  • You get support and helping in getting peace of mind!
  • You get a dedicated Health & Safety Consultant who will support you and get to work identifying and minimising the risks in your business.
  • You get regular visits to your premises to review your policies, procedures and working practices to establish where you fall short of your legal obligations.
  • You get a new Health & Safety Policy Document that is tailored to your requirements.
  • You will get a Prioritised Safety Action Plan that lists what that needs to be done to meet your legal obligations.
  • You get regular visits to your premises by your dedicated Consultant.

Good practice in health and safety makes good business sense

By getting things right, you can:

  • Protect your workers from the suffering caused by accidents and ill-health
  • Reduce absences and sick leave
  • Retain staff
  • Maintain your organisation’s reputation
  • Boost productivity and profits
  • Reduce your insurance premiums and legal costs

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We are a small-sized company and felt we needed ongoing support in all areas of health and safety. In February 2019 we decided to instruct LRB on a retained service contract. I have been so impressed with LRB’s service. Their constant guidance and support have been invaluable to us. They have produced our new company health and safety policy and advised us on how to work through risk assessments, including DSE and maternity. Paul Godwin is our nominated LRB consultant. This has enabled us to build a great working relationship with one person who now has a firm understanding of our company. Paul is so knowledgeable in every area of health and safety, and has supported us step by step in an easy to understand way. He has also guided us in all requirements needed for a recent employee with a servere nut allergy, and provided in house auto-injection training to us. We have also attended an LRB fire training session, hosted by Christian. Christian has supported us to ensure we are managing our fire requirements and has been a great support. I have no hesitation in recommending LRB for anyone needing ongoing health and safety support within their business.

Julie Sherwood Ethical Manager, BC International