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Our introductory workplace safety training course, Health and Safety in the Workplace – Level 2 is an interesting and important one day course that we deliver in Loughborough, Leicestershire. It’s a very useful, and interactive, introduction to Health and Safety in the Workplace and also a great refresher for those who wish to hone their skills.

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Health and Safety in the Workplace - Level 2

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Although common sense is crucial in safety, so is knowledge. This is where training comes in. Rather than expecting your employees to keep themselves safe, you really should explain to them exactly how to do that and that’s exactly the premise we apply to this course.

Health and Safety in the Workplace – Level 2 is an interesting and important one day course. It is run as an open course, suitable for all employees, with no previous training required. Upon successful completion of the course, all delegates will be issued with a certificate.

This course is an introduction to Health and Safety in the Workplace and is designed to provide employees with the requisite knowledge, or refresher training, needed in order provide a safe working environment within your organisation. This includes an understanding of legal responsibilities, accident causation and prevention and gives an overview of some of the key areas of workplace health and safety.

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The course involves tutor-led discussions, allowing you to raise issues and items of interest to your work environment. This course will help employers to meet their Health & Safety obligations in the workplace.

The main topics covered include:

  1. Health, safety and welfare
  2. The workplace and workplace equipment
  3. Risk assessment
  4. Accident causation and accident investigation
  5. Manual handling
  6. Hazardous substances
  7. Ergonomics and Workplace design
  8. Transport and vehicles
  9. Noise and vibration
  10. Other issues, as raised on the day

Who is this workplace safety training course for?

This qualification is ideal for any staff who need an understanding of the main principles of health and safety. It increases their awareness of their safety, the safety of other workers, customers, contractors and the public. Employees from all levels within the organisation can benefit from this course.

  • Thank you for an excellent, entertaining and pertinent training course. Both myself and all the team really enjoyed the day and felt it was extremely worthwhile.

    Jamie Ingliss, MD, Industrial Safety Inspections