Premises Compliance Audit

We have considerable experience in Premises Safety Audits – providing property and facilities management consultancy services to property landlords and facilities management companies. We help them you ensure they you have the knowledge and the information to comply with relevant Health & Safety requirements. We work with you to help you reach solutions and find methods to tackle your Health & Safety issues; we take a pragmatic common sense approach to Health & Safety. If you are looking for Property and Facilities Management Consultancy concerning health and safety, then we can help you.

We can carry out Premises Compliance Audits and Fire Risk Assessments, across the UK for a wide range of organisations, to help you to manage safety in your properties effectively.

We will help you to ensure that your health and safety procedures are fully compliant in the key statutory areas, such as fire safety, asbestos, lift maintenance, and disabled access. Health and Safety Audits of premises involve several aspects, including:

  • Tenant safety
  • Visitor safetyA blue and white jigsaw spells the word audit
  • The selection and control of contractors
  • Fire safety
  • Electrical safety
  • Gas safety
  • Lifts and Lifting Equipment Safety
  • General premises access, and egress
  • Pressure systems
  • Work at height, roof access, etc.
  • Water hygiene
  • and many other aspects

We deliver Training around the UK in Premises Health and Safety Auditing

Effective Premises Compliance Audits - Maintain Higher Standards of Health and Safety. The public sector is responsible for a large and varied property portfolio, therefore having robust procedures in place to comply with statutory building compliance responsibilities is crucial to avoiding disasters. Effective Premises Compliance Audits is a practical and informative course giving you the opportunity to carry out a mock premises compliance audit, which will help you identify risks and demonstrate compliance with the statutory regulations. Attend to gain the necessary skills to avoid fines, legal and regulatory action. Leave the day confident that you and your organisation is compliant.

How we can we help?

A word map of different corporate buzzwords such as management assett cost monitoring operating process and so onWe provide several services that benefit property landlords and facilities management companies, including:

  • Compliance Audits
  • Landlord’s Fire Safety
  • Access Audits
  • Regular site visits (quarterly, monthly, or even weekly) to monitor safety performance or carry out safety functions

We also offer other services, which are not unique to Facilities Management services.

Our services cover:

  • Common Areas or Landlord’s Areas only (including plant rooms, etc.)
  • Full Premises areas
  • External Areas only (such as for Industrial Estates, Business Parks or Retail Parks)

Our Property and Facilities Management Consultancy services are tailored to your needs or the needs of your clients and delivered by enthusiastic and competent consultants who will discuss the important issues with you at the time of the assessment visit. Finished reports are available in either electronic or paper format (or both) depending on your requirements.

We provide services UK wide, often in Central London, but also in other major cities, including Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Nottingham.

If you are responsible for the common areas of a building and need help to meet your health and safety obligations, contact LRB Consulting on 01509 550023 or email us at


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