Warehouse Safety Training Course (Webinar)

The cost of this Webinar is: £25, plus VAT

Venue: The comfort of your own office/home

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Warehouse safety training – warehouses can be dangerous places – there is a lot going on in them, and there are lots of opportunities for serious injuries and fatal accidents. Warehouse safety, however, need not be complicated, and this warehouse safety training course will help you to understand how to do it properly.

Many businesses have storage and warehouse facilities as an integral and essential part of their operation, and so warehouse safety becomes an important issue. These may be very busy places at all times (such as in a logistics operation), or they may be quiet for many hours a day, but have periods of intense activity. Warehouses can be dangerous places and people do get hurt in them in several ways. Many of the injuries suffered can be avoided by taking health and safety seriously and by taking some simple steps to ensure warehouse safety; all derived from simple risk assessments.

Warehouse Safety Training

This course covers the important aspects of warehouse safety training, including:

  • Introduction to Risk Assessment for the warehouse environment
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Manual Handling, lifting and carrying, etc.
  • Work at heights (falls from height and falling objects)
  • Use of access equipment
  • Vehicle movements (trucks, trailers, and lift trucks)
  • Exposure to substances
  • Exposure to the weather (cold weather, sunshine)
  • Machinery-related injuries
  • Racking and storage system and arrangements
  • sundry other warehouse safety training related issues
  • Excellent training, delivered in an easy to understand manner.

    Dave Urwin, Amari plc, Manchester