About Us

Established in 2000, LRB Consulting Limited provides excellent Health and Safety Solutions to a diverse range of clients. We’re an independent, professional and friendly health and safety consultancy led by Michael Ellerby. Michael is a highly respected Chartered Safety Practitioner as well as being a Chartered Chemist, and listed on the Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register – OSHCR. He is a widely experienced Health & Safety Consultant and has worked for many years in this field, both as a consultant in industry and alongside his consultancy team.

LRB Consulting


Operating from Loughborough, in the East Midlands, LRB Consulting Health and Safety is ideally situated to work with a broad range of clients and industries across the whole of the UK. Many of the businesses that we support are concentrated in the following areas of England – Loughborough, Leicestershire, Manchester & London. We’ve even started working further afield, with clients in the USA and the Middle East. The range of clients varies hugely in the business sector and the size of the company. LRB Consulting is happy to service almost any business, from tiny start-ups to large corporations. The highly skilled team provide expertise in fire safety and food safety as well as in general health and safety and health and safety training.

LRB Consulting provides businesses with the assistance they need to ensure they are looking after the health and safety of all employees, from all walks of lives. Our reputation as one of the best independent health and safety consultancies in the UK comes from our genuine desire to change and improve every working environment we encounter. This includes our own.

At LRB Consulting, we believe that everyone should be able to enter their workplace free from prejudice and bias, and will continue working to ensure that we are providing a safe and equal environment for everyone we work with, whilst continuing to encourage and guide others to do the same.

Do you need advice?

If you need some advice on a Health and Safety matter, contact LRB Consulting on 01509 550023 and ask for our Director (Michael Ellerby) to contact you and discuss your problem. This will lead to a brief, no obligations discussion. It may help you work out what to do next.

With so many health and safety consultancies out there, why choose LRB Consulting?

Choose LRB Consulting: we are helpful, friendly, and professional. We are also on your side. Here are some of the things that make us stand out:

  • We listen to you and we work with you
  • We have an enviable depth of knowledge and experience
  • We have industrial, commercial, education sector, and enforcement experience
  • We work with you to help you solve your problems
  • We have experience of work in educational sectors
  • We deliver a service that meets the individual needs of your business
  • We speak your language and avoid jargon
  • We take a practical approach towards health and safety, giving you tangible results
  • We develop an understanding of your business to find the most suitable way for you to manage your health and safety needs
  • We help provide you with peace of mind
  • We offer a range of packages and approaches to suit your needs and budget
  • Safety matters!