COVID-19 Secure guidelines

Covid-19 Secure Guidelines

The information has been provided by the Government on the COVID-19 Secure guidelines

The following documents are available for free download:

  1. Construction and other outdoor work: guidance for people who work in or run outdoor working environments
  2. Factories, plants and warehouses: guidance for people who work in or run factories, plants and warehouses
  3. Homes: guidance for people working in, visiting or delivering to home environments as well as their employers
  4. Labs and research facilities: guidance for people who work in or run indoor labs and research facilities and similar environments
  5. Offices and contact centres: guidance for people who work in or run offices, contact centres and similar indoor environments
  6. Restaurants offering takeaway or delivery: guidance for people who work in or run restaurants offering takeaway or delivery services
  7. Shops and branches: guidance for people who work in or run shops, branches, stores or similar environments
  8. Vehicles: guidance for people who work in or from vehicles, including couriers, mobile workers, lorry drivers, on-site transit and work vehicles, field forces and similar.

An outline to the Government’s plan for rebuilding and recovering from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has now been published.

The government is proposing a three-step plan. In summary:

  1. Step one, starting on Wednesday 13 May:
    •    workers who cannot work from home should travel to work if their workplace is open, and workplaces should follow new “Covid-19 Secure” guidelines
    •    more vulnerable children, who are already able to attend school, are urged to do so
  2. Step two, which will begin no earlier than 1 June:
    •    nurseries and primary schools will begin a phased return. At first this will only involve early years, reception, and years one and six. But the government’s ambition is that all primary school children in England should return to school for a month before the summer
    •    some businesses will be able to re-open and sporting events will be able to take place behind closed doors – but not hairdressers or beauty salons
    •    the government is seeking advice on allowing people to expand their household group and examining how small weddings can be better facilitated
  3. Step three, which will start no earlier than 4 July:
    •    more businesses will be able to open – although some, which are crowded by design, will not be able to open.

It is stressed that all dates could be delayed if enough progress is not made in tackling the virus, and restrictions could be reintroduced. The government also stressed that the changes are dependent on the rate of infection staying down.

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