COVID19 – the use of Respirators, face masks, and cloth face coverings

There is a lot of chatter about respirators, face masks, and cloth face coverings with many opinions about what is right and what is wrong.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advise the use of simple cloth face coverings to slow the spread of the virus and to help people who are unaware they have the virus from spreading it to others. This has led to questions (in the USA) from the Food and Agriculture Sector about what respirators, disposable facemasks, such as surgical or medical masks, or cloth face coverings are most appropriate for various settings.

The link below is to a fact sheet, developed by the FDA in collaboration with CDC, that provides a quick reference to these items potentially worn by workers in the Food and Agriculture Sector. Respirators, disposable facemasks, or cloth face coverings are designed and worn for different purposes as described in the table below.

This is a link to a sensible overview from the USA Food and Drug Administration – link here.