The World Of Work Experience: Ellena’s Week With LRB Consulting

This week has been an interesting one for the team as we welcomed an enthusiastic work experience student, Ellena to our ranks. In today’s blog post, we want to share with you the contributions Ellena has made during her time with us.

Ellena wasted no time in immersing herself in the work at hand. She attended a site visit on her first day, before going on to attend and assist at training sessions and site assessments throughout the week, carrying out research projects, as well as helping with adminstrative tasks in the office. Her enthusiasm and initiative is been reflected in the work she has carried out alongside the team.

Ellena took the time to share her experiences with us, documenting the work she has been doing and the lessons she has learned along the way. Her writing provides an insightful glimpse into the work she carried out, the skills she acquired, and the personal growth she accomplished during her time with us.

As we bid farewell to Ellena at the end of her work experience, as a team we want to say a big thank you to Ellena for her contributions and help throughout the week. We invite you to read Ellena’s account of her time with us below, as she details the process of stepping into the world of work.


Work Experience at LRB Consulting Ltd – by Ellena Slawson 

The week commencing the 3 of July, I joined LRB Consulting for my work experience, I’ve had a very enjoyable experience throughout the week as I did various tasks correlating to health and safety, whether through first aid, fire safety, or general safety and prevention subjects. I personally feel as though I have majorly benefitted from this experience as I’ve gained more social skills- being able to confidently talk and communicate with people a lot easier, as that is something I often struggle with, I also believe I’ve gained the ability to efficiently get through amounts of work at a reasonable pace; rather than slacking behind and leaving everything till last minute I’d like to say I’ve done all the workload handed to me almost instantly with nothing left unfinished, which I believe is a good skill to present to future career choices as it shows dedication, determination and efficiency. My colleagues I have been working with throughout the week have also been very positive and pleasant to work with, as a positive atmosphere is a lot more enjoyable to work in as I felt comfortable to ask for help if needed, and I was able to have a few little chats which really encourages a good, happy workday.


Although Monday was cut to a half day due to external events, it must be my favorite day of work experience. Me and Nigel went out to a client in Nottingham to do a health and safety check, this allowed me to run around the building looking for faults and positives, which I found really fun. I was also able to climb onto the rooftop which was a fun, out of ordinary experience and I really enjoyed the practical aspect of it.


Tuesday was an office day, which I spent mostly with Dettie and Jo, with Mike occasionally coming into the office. The company was nice to have around whilst getting reports done, and sending off certificates which was a calm and relaxed task as it didn’t involve any practicality. I also went out with Nigel to do a noise survey in a warehouse. I found it really interesting to view how people worked in a warehouse and analyse the conditions they were in.


Wednesday was a tiring day, although I wasn’t the one presenting, it was a long day. First aid training was however quite interesting as it investigated the causes and resolutions of certain issues, such as fainting, seizures, choking, etc. I learnt a lot of how to resolve these issues if I ever came across someone in need of first aid help. Paul also taught me how to do CPR (compressions) which I think is a key skill to know how to do as it could be needed at any time, and I now feel more confident on how to help a person at risk.


Thursday involved two sessions of fire safety training, I really enjoyed this day as I genuinely learnt a lot of information, although they are simple causes, I overlooked a lot of them. For example, I used to sleep with my phone on charge under my pillow, which I now realise was a very silly idea, this also goes for the toaster and the kettle as I now know not to use them at the same time. This session provided me with new important information, as well as the confidence to socialise with other people from different backgrounds which was interesting to see how different people worked in comparison to what I’m used to.


Friday is another office day which is very practical for a day after training as it’s a lot calmer and more relaxed. I enjoyed this day as I got to do simple tasks as well as writing about something I’m very passionate about, music! As I am currently writing out about my experience from this week which I have really enjoyed as a whole and I’m glad I chose to work with LRB Consulting as health and safety does tie into my college subjects, as mental health is often related to keeping people in society safe, I think LRB will also appear as a good representation to have on my CV for later careers as health and safety is a key aspect in all workplaces.



Our thanks again to Ellena, who we wish all the best in her future endeavours!