Coronavirus – spikes and lockdowns – are you COVID-19 secure?

In the UK we have seen cities like Leicester placed under lockdown, and extra measures introduced in other areas (such as Manchester). Yesterday saw the news that Ireland’s coronavirus restrictions being “significantly” tightened after the number of cases increased rapidly over the past two weeks.

All businesses in Ireland have been told to let employees work from home, new limits have been placed on outdoor gatherings, and the government has warned people to avoid public transport to combat the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Link to Ireland News article

This should act as a fresh reminder to all organisations that COVID-19 is still here and that it can affect their business, and that they need to plan for a return to stricter controls and to prepare for local (or even national) lockdowns to return.


COVID-19 SECURE LRB consulting, face coverings at work

Are you COVID-19 Secure?

Have you checked that your business is genuinely COVID-19 secure?

Now is an excellent time to check that:

  • Handwashing and personal hygiene is happening and is high profile
  • Social distancing is really happening in your workspaces
  • Touchpoints and surfaces are being cleaned and disinfected
  • Face coverings are being worn (if required)
  • Workers are being encouraged (or at least enabled) to work from home
  • Control measures are being monitored and enforced