Ensuring Effective Fire Safety in Housing – 1-Day Seminars

I am chairing a series of 1-day Seminars on “Ensuring Effective Fire Safety in Housing”. These will be taking place mainly in London.

In December 2018 the government committed to delivering the recommendations included in the Hackitt report from May 2018, with an emphasis on a more effective regulatory and accountability framework, clearer standards and guidance, and ensuring that residents are placed at the heart of the new framework.

As the report states, those changes to the regulatory regime will help, but will not fully succeed in minimising the risk, without a change in culture from one of doing the minimum required for compliance to one of taking ownership and responsibility for the wellbeing of all residents.

Join this one-day interactive training course on Ensuring Effective Fire Safety in Housing to make certain that your organisation is fully up to date and compliant with the latest regulations and updated fire safety requirements. You will leave this training session with the knowledge on how you can implement a comprehensive fire safety programme in your organisation

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