New Client – GP Practice – Health and Safety

We all like it when things go well (and why wouldn’t we)!

Yesterday, I had an enquiry from a local GP Practice that had been given our name (referral) by an existing GP Practice client of ours. It was great not only to get such a great referral (and testimonial), it was great to get such a fast response from the new client.

  • They told me what they wanted
  • I explained how we could help them to meet their needs
  • I sent them a proposal (confirming for them what we could do and at what price)
  • They confirmed that they wanted the service
  • We agreed a day for the initial service delivery visit

It’s not just the “Yes” that pleased me, but also the speed of the decision making. So nice to talk to real decision makers who also make decisions in a sensible timescale.