Spotlight On – HSE Myth Busters Challenge Panel

HSE Myth Busters Challenge Panel

In this Spotlight On article, we’re taking a look at the Myth Busters Challenge Panel, which queries inaccurate health and safety advice and rulings.

According to the HSE, ’Health and safety’ is often incorrectly used as a convenient excuse ‘to stop what are essentially sensible activities going ahead. The phrase ‘health and safety gone mad’ is never too far away.

The Myth Busters Challenge Panel was set up to challenge poor advice, often given in the name of ‘health and safety’. The panel is chaired by the HSE Chair Judith Hackitt and supported by a pool of independent members with a range of interests and experiences.

Some Examples

Here are a few examples of the kind of health and safety myths the panel have debunked:

myth buster


myth buster


myth buster


Why does the Myth Busters Panel exist?

Health and safety is often demonised, and used as an excuse for disproportionate decisions. This can be detrimental to the health and safety culture of businesses and can affect the effectiveness of important and appropriate health and safety policies.

Speaking on the issue, the HSE have said : We want to make clear that “health and safety” is about managing real risks properly, not being risk averse and stopping people getting on with their lives.


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