Mental Health Webinar - FREE

These are challenging times for all of us. Many people are now working from home for the first time in their lives. Even those who have worked from home are now facing weeks in the one location. Now, more than ever before, Mental Health needs to be considered.

In this free Webinar, we will review and discuss four aspects of mental health in the workplace:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Psychosis

These subjects which are the main ones then filter down to the topic called ALGEE, which is:

  • Approach the person, assess and assist with the crisis
  • Listen and communicate non-judgementally
  • Give support and information
  • Encourage the person to get appropriate professional help
  • Encourage other supports some of which may be in-house

Paul Godwin will lead you through this short introduction to this critical subject.

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We would like to thank Paul Godwin, of LRB Health & Safety Solutions, for coming in today and conducting a very insightful presentation on Mental Health and Awareness to the managers’ group at Camozzi and FPC Group of Companies. It’s such a hot topic at the moment, and we all have a responsibility to understand and look after our colleagues when help is needed.